How To Select a Good GROUP Tour Company

With China it is very difficult to pick out a good GROUP tour company because of all the “fluff” often used in describing tours. With 25 years experience in planning Tours to China, I can give you some good tips. I only do custom private tours for individuals or groups that come to me with their agenda. I do not sell organized group tours, so I can give you my observations without trying to sell you on my company. I have taught a class on Travel To China at the University of Washington and some of our community colleges. When I work in China I often see group tours in which the people are unhappy with it but of course it is too late after they arrive in China and realize that they purchased a poor tour. I started teaching the class to help people decide how they want to tour and how to select a tour company. It is too much information here to give you a complete list of what to watch for but if you contact me directly by email, I will be glad to send you the two page attachment with no obligations. I am semi-retired and enjoy helping people to select a China Tour which will leave you wanting to go back again. My 50+ trips in 25 years gives you an idea of what I think about the most interesting country I have ever visited and continue to go back and I don’t even lead tours. Whatever your interests are; China has more to offer than you can ever imagine. Contact me at my email address which is and you can call me ChinaDave as my friends all call me.