Temples in China

Seeing temples in China is like trying to see all the churches in Europe. There are so very many that you can’t see them all. Above is the Lama Temple in Beijing which is an active temple with many monks. It is famous because of the 5 story tall Buddha carved from one Sandalwood tree trunk. Located in the near north side of Beijing, I usually include it in my custom itineraries for my clients. It is a great example of an active monastery and temple. Mid to late afternoons it may be busier but that is the time you might catch the monks at prayer and chanting. No photographs are allowed but you can buy postcards like the one above of the Buddha.
Wherever there is a special temple or monastery in China depending on the client’s interests, I try to include only the most interesting ones. In 25 years of travel through out China I have seen hundreds of temples and monasteries some of which are very good and others just ordinary. One has 8 door ways into it. There are hundreds of Buddhas within it. You go in your door of choice and go either left or right and then count the Buddhas until you get to the number of your age and that is suppose to be your Buddha. I am a bit on the large size and round in the middle and of course you know what Buddha came up for me….Round and laughing Buddha. Tours to China acting as a China Only Tour Operator, I do custom tours to your interests. It is a large country and so much to see so you might as well see what you are interested in. www.interlakechinatours.com for details.