New Luggage Policy in China

A luggage policy issued in May of 2008 has to do with carry on luggage. The policy for checked luggage is the same, 44 lbs maximum per bag limited to 2 bags in First Class and one bag in coach class. They have become very strict with this and I was 10 lbs over in one airport and was charged a $14 penalty. Some airports let it go through however including international flights. Carry on luggage is suppose to be limited to 2 pieces in first class and one piece in coach class not to exceed 11 lbs and size limit about the size of a good sized brief case. My trip this fall I noticed that the carry on limits were not adheared to and people continue to take everything but the kitchen sink onto the planes and in the overheads. Alcahol of any kind is still not allowed in the carry on baggage and should be packed in your checked luggage. A book I recommend to all of my clients that you will find very helpful before going to China is “Encountering the Chinese” A Guide for Americans 2nd. Edition by Mr. Hu Wenzhong and Cornelius Grove. Most good book stores or should have it. You might want to sign up to receive my Blogs on Tips on Travel in China to receive new information as I usually write each week. As a China Only Travel Agent with Tours to China, my 25 years experience in travelling to China with over 50+ trips will help you in planning your tour. Check out my web site at Happy Travels