Luggage Tips in China

A new policy was issued May 1, 2008 in China for luggage limits on air travel within the country. Checked luggage should not exceed 44 lbs per bag. Carry on luggage is limited to 2 pieces for first class and 1 piece for coach class. The weight not to exceed 11 lbs. Size limit is about the size of a good size brief case. Alcohol of any kind is not allowed in carry on baggage and must be in your checked baggage. Many other regulations are the same as in the U.S. such as sharp instruments, liguids etc. Checked luggaged should be lockable and have a luggage tag on it. Be aware that unusual luggage tags often can be taken by luggage handlers to add to their collections. A simple standard luggage tag should be used. The new rules became necessary when many passengers were trying to take a great excess of bags onto the planes because of the 44 lb. limit. Excess luggage can be checked however the penalties are very high and in some cases exceeds the cost of a passenger ticket.
You will see domestic passengers removing things from their checked luggage in order to meet the weight limits and to avoid high penalties. For more information on Travel in China sign up to receive my updates here in my Blog. My 20 years experience in Travel in China and doing Tours to China for the past 15 years will be helpful in planning your Tour to China. Check out my web site at