Hotels in China

Many people who have not been to China often ask for small local hotels like pictured above. There are some available but not a lot. Many of the hotels especially in the larger cities are like the modern hotel shown above. I do know of many hotels like the local small hotels in many areas which we can book. Although quaint and small, the prices are sometimes as high as many 3 or 4 star hotels since they have limited rooms and are much desired. New hotels in the Chinese style are now being built but with many more rooms and with all the modern conveniences too. The hotel above is in a small village in Sichuan province that I stayed in two years ago. Modern western facilities or ancient facilities your choice. No breakfast so we had to go out to breakfast. This is the court yard and is over 600 years old having been rebuilt several times and was once the home of a rich merchant. In the last 15 years many new hotels have been built in recognizable names in order to take care of the very large increase in foreign tourism. It is often fun to try different style hotels at 3,4 or 5 star levels. Often 2 star hotels or less are not up to similar western standards. For more information on hotels and Private and Custom Tours to China, see my web site at