If you saw the Opening Ceremony of The Olympics, you saw the best of the best in Chinese celebrations. When you go to China and want to see some of the same but in much smaller shows, there are a few. I have seen the best and the worst. For an outside great show, IMPRESSION Sanjie Liu at Yangshuo outside of Guilin is my pick for the best so far. It is held at night on the Li River with over 1000 local people and animals. The producer of this show did the Olympics show as well as the movie “Crouching Tiger; Hidden Dragon” which launched his international career. The photo above is from the Naxi Show in LiJiang showing Naxi culture and a Dongba known for their artisic talents of music and dance. This Donga at the Dongba Palace Show is in his mid 80’s and still performs 7 nights a week. The Legend of Kungfu is another show in Beijing that is an excellent Stage Show. Another one not to be missed is the Tang Dynasty Show in Xian which is all dance, music and colorful costumes. The one show however I tell people not to miss is the world famous Shanghai Acrobats in Shanghai. There are three different shows each with its own specialty including the Circus which is not a real circus but named because of the round building. Unfortunately what Chinese are usually noted for is the Peking Opera; but the Chinese people do not care for it and only tourists attend and is usually a disappointment to many. Let my private and custom “Tours to China” which I have been doing for over 15 years plan a trip just for you to include the many wonderful sights and performances in China.