Tipping in China

Tipping is a question I get asked often. Tipping in China prior to 1990 was all but forbidden. In fact there were signs in hotels that read “No Tipping Allowed”. This was because it was thought of as western bribery. Today tipping is not often used except in certain circumstances. For Private Tours please contact me for the most up to date tipping information at  interlak@eskimo.com . For Group tours just use the Tour Operator’s suggestions. In restaurants the service charge is included in the cost of the meal and no tipping is necessary. If you do leave a tip they are required to give it to the owner. In hotels there is already a 15% service charge including in the cost of the hotel. The only tip would be to the bell hop who takes your luggage to the room and then a minimum amount of $1 per suitcase. A taxi driver makes a very good living and usually you just need to round off the meter to the nearest yuan. No tipping is necessary or expected. I plan private tours to China and Tibet so please check out my web site at www.interlakechinatours.com  Let my 25 years of experience in China plan your tour of a life time to China planned for your individual interests. Tours to China is all I do. Ask for my reference list of former clients who do not mind being contacted either about their tours or my services.