Tibetan Home in China

My wife and I traveled in Sichuan province to the remote areas which are inhabited by Tibetan people. Most people do not realize that most Tibetan people live outside of Tibet. The people we visited are deep in the mountains outside of Chengdu near the small town of Danba. The photo above is typical of a Tibetan house highly decorated to reflect their culture. Note that in this remote area they have t.v. and use the satellite dish to get excellent reception from the outside world. This family has two kitchens and two living rooms plus accommodations for up to 20 people. At 9000 feet above sea level it gets cold here during the long winter months. This family takes in tourists like a Bed and Breakfast but can include all meals and time to enjoy their family and see their culture and every day living. It is a great area for hiking and the weather is best during the summer months into late September. You won’t see a lot of foreign tourists if any. If you are interested in touring this area, see my web site at www.interlakechinatours.com Look at the Ecological Package Tours. My specialty is custom tours so tours can be arranged to fit your interests, needs and the amount of time you have available. Tours to China is all I do and have been doing them for clients all over the world for 15 years. Let my 20 years experience of travel through China put together a tour for your special interests. You might as well see what you are interested in rather than a standard tour of general interests.