Stone Forest of China

From a distance it looks like you are approaching a major metropolitan city with countless tall buildings. Actually this is one of the rare areas of the world where million of years ago the earth coughed up these stone figures. The clusters extend for many miles around in this area just 3 hours from Kunming in Yunnan province of China. I went there several years ago as part of my business as a China Travel and Tour Agency to China and Tibet. It can be seen in one day with a return to Kunming that evening or you can stay overnight in a local modest hotel and spend the night there too. Near by is a village to walk through which specializes in growing tobacco. You will see some minority people selling their handicrafts there also with many hand made and unusual gifts. Few tourists stay overnight so it is always interesting to spend the later part of the day and early morning hours without tourists around so that you might enjoy the area more. There are paths all through the Stone Forest with flower gardens and shrubs that make it a wonderland of nature and for peaceful meditation too. AS a China Tour Planer and Tour Operator for the past 16 years, I have many more interesting places like this that I will be writing about in future blogs. Sign up to get email notifications of my future writings. I would appreciate hearing from readers too to let me know what you would like to read about. email me at: Thanks, ChinaDave