Is it ART or just a child’s game with a candy reward? Outside many primary schools is someone with a table like you see in the photo above. There is a board with a spinner on it and pictures of many different animals in a circle like a dart board. The child pays a small amount to spin the dial and it then stops at one of the pictures. Some pictures are large and some are small….a game of Chance? The man then takes a liquid sugar usually colored and squeezes it onto a hot plate seen at the bottom of the photo and makes many different designs into animals. He then creates the differnt animals and designs after it hardens on a stick and gives it to the child. If the child’s luck is good he receives a large animal which is good to eat….but I also look at it as a piece of art. What do you think? Let me know your comments. As a Tour Operator to China doing Tours to China and Tibet only, I come upon many interesting and entertaining enterprises in China including the home made portable Cotton Candy Machine that I wrote about earlier. When in China some of the most interesting days are just taking a walk through the back streets or villages spending a day poking around and checking out whatever you come upon. Keep reading my blogs for future stories that I will be writing about. After 20 years I have a lot of stories to tell about my adventues in China. Check out my web site at and sign up here to be notified when I write future blogs. Thanks, ChinaDave