Wild Elephants & Tigers in China?

China is well known for Pandas but yes they do have many other species including Tigers and Wild Elephants. The Forest that you are seeing is a wild elephant preserve in southern Yunnan province in the middle of a jungle. You can take a cable car over the top of the jungle back to where you may stay overnight or for a longer time in one of the small cabins built for two people. The walk way is above the jungle floor about 20 feet and is a wonderful quiet safe walk listening to the sounds of the jungle. Being a China Tour Operator, I have traveled all through China for 25 years checking out places to send my clients who are looking for a tour that doesn’t fit the standard mold. I customize tours to individual tastes and interests. There is a village at the edge of the jungle where you can stay in cottages or the lodge too. There is a program put on by the local people who work at the village lodge with elephants, dancers and music each day too. In order to get to this area there is an airport in a near by city in Xishuangbanna called Jinghong. Although a small area in the middle of the jungle just 1 hour and 20 minutes by plane south of Kunming, there are many other places to visit in this area including many minority tribes with their colorful dress and customs. If you are interested in visiting this area as part of a tour of China, please contact me through my web site at www.interlakechinatours.com Our 25 years of experience in China will insure your satisfaction of a special tour planed just for you. Click on the photos for a full screen view.