The Hanging Temple

The Hanging Temple you may have read about in travel books, but it is not in a convenient location for most tours so few people manage to go there. As a Tour Operator to China only, I have traveled through China for the past 20 years checking out new and unusual places to visit in China. The Hanging Temple is over 1400 years old and was built into the cliff and supported by large wooden pegs and poles attaching it to the cliff. The monks are gone now but it has been well preserved for many people to enjoy. You can go through the entire temple and monk’s living quarters seeing their brick beds with fire pits under them to keep them warm at night as well as many paintings and artifacts still in the temple. It is one of the most interesting temples in all of China and totally topen to the public. Located just south of Datong in the north of China, you can check out a packaged tour that I call “Ancient China Capitals Tour” on my web site. Actually since 90% of my business is customized tours to the client’s interests, you can incorporate it into any custom tour that fits your needs and interests. I am a U.S. company with 20 years experience, and work with highly experienced Chinese associate companies directly for local pricing and depenable service. References of past clients are furnished of course.