Great Scenic Hiking Resort

As a Internet Tour Operator and China Travel Agency specializing in only Tours to China, I am often asked about hiking places or a place to just enjoy the countryside as part of a Tour to China. The resort pictured above is near Guilin on the Li River and a wonderful peaceful and part rustic place to relax, hike and with a great pool for swimming. Meals are simple and the grounds are fairly remote from the large cities with just a small village near by. Few tourists ever find this resort and you probably will not find western foreigners staying here either. The rooms are simple with western facilities although there is a spacious Presidents Suite with two bedrooms for about the price of a standard room in a 4 star hotel in Shanghai. Near by across the fields is a commercial cave complex worth visiting too. I have several other resorts ranging from very expensive to back packers resorts too located around China. The expensive resorts usually have spas, some with golf coarses and others within national parks with first class service. I even have one with a Disneyland like amusement park and golf coarse in a remote area. If you are interested in Modern Art, I even have a hotel of modern art where famous artists from all over the world come and work while living there for a time. IF you are looking for such a place during a tour of China be sure to check out my web site at: or contact me, ChinaDave at