Best Hot Springs in China

This is the best Hot Spring in all of China and one of my little secret places. I have spent 25 years and over 50+ trips to China looking and searching for special places to send my clients. Interlake China Tours of Seattle is my company specializing in Tours To China as a China Travel Agency and China Tour Operator for the past 25 years. This Hot Springs is located in a National Park amongst fantastic mountains and rural scenery. I stumbled onto this hot springs while putting together one of my specialized package tours to China which you can find on my web site at There are 14 pools that are at different levels on the mountain side with the hottest pools at the top and they get cooler closer to the bottom. There is a modern restaurant, lockers with showers and even some cottages to stay in if you wish to stay overnight or for a period of time. Up the mountain further is a cable car that goes up onto the mountain further with possible snow fields during the fall months. Lots of hiking trails as well within the park. At the bottom of the mountain just outside the park is a small town with a four star hotel with all the modern facilities and friendly people through out the town always hospitable to strangers. The Austrians in the photograph were the first western tourists that I had seen in a week. Check my web site and other stories in my blog for more interesting places to visit in China.  The Hot Springs is included in my 10 Day Sichuan Mountains tour listed on my web site at:    Click on the photos for full screen viewing!