Little Known “Guizhou Province”

If you only have gone to China one time, you probably overlooked Guizhou province in the south of China just east of Yunnan, west of Hunan and south of Sichuan provinces. I spent a week going through the countryside from the provincial capital and modern city of Guiyang. During a week traveling there I only saw one small group of French people traveling through by bus. The rest of the week no western tourists at all. I discovered Huanguoshu Falls which is the largest falls in China but hardly known by western toursts. It is a great place to hike and enjoy as the falls cascade down the river for several miles. My two lady friends above I met in an old stone village over 600 years old called Tumpa Han Village and fort. They were giving out samples of their local tea and had a great sence of humor. You could also taste their local wine which is very strong. The people living there are decendents of warriors and the fort still remains and is open to the public. All this in an area called Anshan including the beautiful Dragon Palace Cave. The stone houses are in my estimation, works of art with the stones held together by the ancient method of sticky rice mixed with sand before concrete was invented. If you are looking for a Tour to China with remote and interesting out of the way places, let me help you plan your next Tour To China as a China Tour Operator and China Travel Agency. See my web site at