Can You Guess What IT Is?

One thing I especially admire is the Chinese abilitiy to make something from what they have often just have available. Maybe you guessed it. Yes it is a Cotton Candy Machine. She spins the machine with her bike pedals for power and the gas heat comes from the copper canister mounted in the center. Raw sugar is in the while plastic pail. If business is not good, she just gets on the bike and goes to another location. I once saw a oil truck with signs on it advertising Gas for sale. He had a hose coming out of the back of the truck and parked it near a high way. When business was slow, he simply got in his truck and drove to another better location. Stores on wheels. As you go through China you will find many other such ideas. That is what is so much fun in China. When you think you have seen it all; just wait and you will come upon other great ideas from the inventive minds of the Chinese people. That is what keeps me going back time after time. I will be leaving on my 49th Tour to China in October checking out new places to send my clients for their Tours to China. As a China Travel Agent and China Tour Operator, I know I have not seen it all yet and will be glad to share my experiences with you too. Check out my web site at