“Hani” woman from Xishuangbanna

There are over 57 minority nationalities in China each with their own customs and traditional clothes. I visited this Hani woman and her family at their village in Xiashuangbanna in south Yunnan province. To get to their village we had to cross a rope bridge which was guarded by a Tiki like carved figure. Although a primitive like village the people were very friendly. This family invited us into their home and the daughter shown above danced and sang her traditonal songs. It sounded much like the American Indians chanting. They carry their valuables in the purse around their necks as they have no locks on their doors and no safe place to keep them. This woman gave me her purse as a gift as she was getting married the next month and would have a new one to add to her wardrobe when she moved to her husband’s home. They make their own wine and we sampled it several times before leaving the village. Tours to China can be exciting and you can have special China Tours designed especially for your interests and budget by a China Travel Service like mine. Travel to China with a China Tour planned by Interlake China Tours, Inc. of Seattle with over 20 years experience in planning China Tours. www.interlakechinatours.com