A Naxi Minority “Dongba”

There are many good shows in China and some poor ones too. I have had to see them all as a Tour Operator who plans tours for individuals and private groups. One show that I like very much is the “Dongba Palace” show in LiJiang. A Dongba is a special person in the Naxi religion who has reached a high degree of knowledge and demonstration of the Naxi Arts of music, dance and Naxi culture. The Dongba in the photo is over 75 years old and dances and performs each night at the Dongba Palace. At last count there were only 33 Dongbas left amongst the Naxi people. The degree of difficulty is very high and to become a Dongba is a rare occurance. They also perform their music and all from memory as it is not written down but passed from generation to genertaion. Unfortunately as with many ancient ways, it may become lost in future years if the young people do not follow in their foot steps. There is an excellent museum in LiJiang at Black Dragon Pool Park for the Naxi people and there is often a Dongba there doing some kind of art form. For more information on the Naxi people, send me an email. interlak@eskimo.com