Meet Wendy Li of Yangshuo

This is Ms. Li Yun Zhao or Wendy as I know her by her western name. Wendy lives on the out skirts of Yangshuo the destination of the Li River Cruise. I met Wendy several years ago while looking for a good local guide to take me out biking in the countryside. Wendy is a minority person from the hills. She and her husband had a farm and then moved to Yangshuo to make a better living. Wendy learned English by herself although she can not read or write it. She has a cell phone and her daughter helps her with a computer and email. Wendy carries around a small diary in which she asks her customers to write in it to show people as references. Wendy takes my clients biking in the countryside and if you wish to her home where her husband, a great cook, will cook lunch for you. A fantastic experience for those who want something more out of a tour than just seeing sites. If you like hiking, Wendy is a hiker and has many places for you to visit and learn about her beautiful area. I refer my clients to Wendy and I am sure you will enjoy her enthusiastic outlook on life and want Wendy to show you the surrounding area of beautiful Yangshuo village along the Li River. Check my web site at