Lunch in the Countryside One Day

I was in the extreme back country of Sichuan province in the mountains with few towns. It was lunch time and we couldn’t find a restaurant except a very small local restaurant near a river. The scenery was fantastic and they had just caught some fresh fish in the river to serve for a lunch special. They had a wok fit inside the barrel drum to fast fry the fish. As I do not like “spicy” food especially hot peppers, I asked that they do not use peppers when they cooked the fish. The local cook had a “fit” and said she had never cooked fish without peppers before in her life and wasn’t going to start now. My guide in the picture, Ms. Wang, didn’t know what to do so she grabbed the wok and cooked them herself. The regular cook went into the kitchen and refused to come out. It all was very funny but the fish and everything else was fantastic!! Some of the best meals I have had in China have been out in the countryside as long as it is well cooked. Same situation years ago with Chicken Stew and our driver got angry with the cook because they left out the chicken guts and head which he considered the best parts. Of course they left them out because of me knowing I wouldn’t be used to them. That is the fun of China and wonderful experiences that one has in the back country.