ChinaDave from Seattle

I have been asked to write more personal observations about China and what is more personal than “People”. This is me as I have travelled through China for the past 19 years and almost 50 trips. Following Blogs will have individual Chinese friends that I have met and continue to keep lasting friendships with over the years. I carry my camera wherever I go so have thousands of photos too. You can view my photo album at The photo above is me biking through the countryside near Yangshuo down river from Guilin. You can get there on the beautiful LI River Cruise and spend some wonderful days there just seeing the countryside and great biking on flat roads and paths. It is in south China and this was a warm day. The night before I had a local lady make me a pair of shorts with elastic since my size wasn’t available XXXXXL I needed a t-shirt and picked this one out not knowing what it said and everyone laughed. It says “I have No Money” I liked it so the “sellers’ would leave me alone. They asked why I picked it in black letters since it comes in black or red letters. Red letters means I lost my money in my business and am a poor business man. Black means you lost your money gambling, drinking and chasing the ladies….. I kept the Black! 🙂