Guiness Book of Records Longest Hair in the World

The Zhrung nationality people living in the mountains outside of Guilin at Longsheng Rice Terraces hold the record for longest hair in the world. The women traditionally do not cut their hair but once in their life time. At age 13 they cut their hair but keep it and make a bun out of it weaving it into their hair that continues to grow the rest of their life without cutting. For a small tip the women will unwind their hair to show you the length as in the photograph here.  It is a nice one day outing to Longsheng from Guilin to enjoy the countryside and rice terraces. It is also a great area for hiking or walking through the hills and villages. There are a few hotels for staying overnight if you wish to stay overnight and enjoy the beautiful sunset, ranging from a 5 star small luxury hotel to nice 3 star hotels with western facilities. In the spring you will see rice planting, during the summer and early fall green rice terraces and during the later fall the harvesting of the rice. For more information on touring in this area contact me at    Click on the photos for full screen viewing!
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