Bamboo Sea National Park

This past fall I found the Bamboo Sea National Park which must be a secret in China because this beautiful park had next to no tourists. This national park has many varieties of bamboo in a large reserve along with countless varieties of butter flies, birds and insects. There are cable cars that stretch over 4 miles across the canopy of bamboo trees spread across the hills besides the many hiking trails available. A photographers paradise, there are hidden lakes which you can rent canoes and enjoy the quietness of this wonderful reserve. You would think that in this remote spot that there would only be small old hotels with so few tourists but near by is the Eden 5 Star Resort with Spa and pools fit for a king and not very costly so far. A two day tour of this park is included in a 5 Day Ecological Tour listed on my web site which can be added to any other tour or a private planned tour by us. Check our web site at and click on Packaged tours and then Ecological Tours to see a 5 day itinerary.