Huanguoshu Waterfall Area – Guizhou Province

One of the lesser known provinces of China is Guizhou province just south of Sichuan and East of Yunnan provinces. Guiyang is the capital and only airport city in the province. Not many western tourists have gone there in the past but the province has the largest waterfall in China located at Huanguoshu. It is a cascading water fall for several miles and has many trails for hiking in the area. Also located nearby is a wonderful Bonsai garden one of the best I have ever seen in China set among arched bridges and ponds. Not far near Anshan are some wonderful stone villages from ancient days and even a stone castle which is open to the public called Tumpa Han Village and fort. There the decendents of 22 generations live whose ancestors were warriors Few western tourists visit this area so you will get an excellen view of the real and ancient China up close and personal. The Zhrung and Miao nationalities live in this area which has hills, forests with lakes and caverns to visit too. For those who are interested in remote areas with few western tour crowds and natural settings, a three day visit is sufficient.