Ecological Tours in China

I worked for two years in the mountains of Sichuan province in China to develop a tour based on Ecology in the area. The tour itinerary is on my web site. In Chengdu you visit the Panda Experiment Station in the morning seeing many Pandas including the nursery. From there you go up into the mountains reaching over 15,000 foot passes. The Four Sister Mountains and valley can be hiked if you wish or go on to the 10,000 foot plateau where you will visit Tibetan people and monasteries with next to no western tourists. Very friendly Tibetan people, mountains flowers, birds and pure natural sights abound. Just two towns along this area of deep cut mountains until you arrive at Moxi and Hailougou National Park. Going up the mountain in the park you arrive at the base of a cable car that will take you up further across a glacier and into the snows. Coming down half way you arrive at a Hot Springs with 8 pools of wonderful mineral water at a resort. Back to Chengdu after 7 days of mountain adventures and seeing untouched nature at its best. I sent a group of teachers from Iowa there last year and they said it was the trip of a life time. One couple had just gotten married before they left so we gave them a mock Tibetan wedding one evening as they all stayed at a Tibetan B & B.