China Travel Information

I own Interlake China Tours, Inc. in Seattle, Washington listed on the web as I have been going to China since 1989 and will leave on my 48th trip this September. I don’t lead tours but travel all over the country working with local travel services seeing all the local sights, inspecting hotels and finding new places to send people. I do mostly customized tours to the clients interests since my long suit is knowing the country very well and working with Chinese associates for all these years. I teach a class called “Ins and Outs of Travel in China” at the University of Washington and some of the local Community colleges each quarter for one session about 4 hours long to help people to plan their tours to China. This past winter I lectured at Chinese Guide Schools in Beijing, Xian, Chengdu and Shanghai on guiding the Western Tourist on what we like and what we like to do. I am just starting a Blog and will be writing about all the latest information on China tourism. The latest incident in Tibet unfortunately that happened by some Americans that has caused a new rule about travel in Tibet, the New Bullet Trains just into service that has cut travel time in half on some routes, the new Tibet Train to Lhasa and other interesting topics on travel interest and culture. I lectured for three years in China under a United Nations program called “Star” to the business community and government departments on business culture differences with my years of doing business with Chinese factories and agents too. I hope you will check my blog from time to time or contact me with your questions or input as well.